Developed by Airbus, COMMFLEX Aero leveraging Intelsat FlexAir for Government is a tailored solution to meet the needs of today's Government and Defence aircraft operators. Reliable, high speed and secure satellite connectivity with the coverage to support your missions almost anywhere in the world, is a key requirement for aircraft to achieve mission success.

Enabling secure capabilities such as two-way voice, HD full-motion video and high-speed data is paramount for supporting Enroute, VVIP or ISR missions to provide real-time situational awareness as a core capability required onboard today's Government and Defence aircraft.

Intelsat FlexAir for Government

Leveraging Intelsat's global, high-throughput satellite (HTS) Ku-band network, COMMFLEX Aero delivers end-to-end connectivity from one of the world's most extensive satellite systems. The network architecture is multi-layered and includes overlapping satellite beams for seamless connectivity and enables broadband speeds up to 15Mbps (aircraft receive) x 3Mbps (aircraft transmit). Whether for manned aircraft or UAS, COMMFLEX Aero leveraging Intelsat FlexAir for Government users can rely on Intelsat's trusted, high-performance network.

The network is accessible via a wide variety of compact and dual-band antennas, pre-qualified and proven for various airframes and installations, including tail-mount, fuselage-mount and removable antenna systems.

"Government customers and their allied partners benefit from the diversity offered by Intelsat's flexible antenna approach. Additionally, most legacy terminals are qualified and dual-band, making the shift to COMMFLEX Aero leveraging Intelsat FlexAir for Government possible via an easy modem swap."

Robert McCord, Aero Service Specialist, Intelsat General Communications

Airbus COMMFLEX Aero

Built as a managed satellite connectivity solution for Government and Defence aircraft, through COMMFLEX Aero, Airbus will take care of the service provisioning, monitoring and billing allowing you to focus on the mission in hand.

Airbus is ready to support a wide range of airborne connectivity use cases with COMMFLEX Aero through a variety of service options, enhanced security and the data speeds to meet any mission requirement.

Enroute Communications

Trusting that secure connectivity is available for Government and Defence aircraft is key to ensuring successful operations. COMMFLEXAero offers broadband speeds to enable airborne platforms to stay in close communication with instant, on-demand data, voice and video connectivity when and wherever it is needed most.


Secure and high-speed broadband connectivity is paramount for those who require airborne Office in the Sky capabilities, such as Government and Defence VVIPs. With speeds of up to 15Mbps (aircraft receive) and 3Mbps (aircraft transmit), global coverage and an unlimited data plan available, COMMFLEX Aero is ready to meet the most demanding user requirements.


Satellite connectivity for ISR aircraft can optimise decision-making by enabling real-time aerial intelligence securely accessible to and from your aircraft, at any time. With service flexibility built-in, COMMFLEX Aero is ready to meet the tailored requirements of each ISR mission and aircraft. And for high-volume users, a dedicated ISR service plan is available with a Committed Information Rate (CIR), aircraft transmit speeds of up to 6Mbps and an unlimited data allowance that's shareable amongst a fleet of aircraft.

“The Airbus COMMFLEX Aero solution, leveraging the Intelsat FlexAir for Government network, brings together the reliability and assurance of Airbus, complementing the simplicity, flexibility and cost efficiency of a commercial Ku-band satellite managed service, in one customisable package”

Carl Hallam, Solutions Manager, Airbus Secure Communications