A solution for any situation

Soldiers are driving armoured vehicles in rough terrain and mountainous remote area where radio signals doesn’t work. To avoid them to be stuck in an uncertain and dangerous, Airbus provides with a Satcom On-The-Move system for their vehicles. 


Soldiers in mission need to stay in touch with their families or entertain for their “mental balance” when they're not on duty. Airbus provides internet connectivity for welfare and operational purposes. 

In theaters of operations, soldiers need a wireless cellular communication system offering long range to talk to another unit 10km away. Airbus is the leading provider of 4G solutions for the French Army. 


For armed forces and government agencies, communicating autonomously and securely in demanding environments over vast distances is a constant challenge.

As Europe's leading provider of secure communications services, we are developing a wide range of customized solutions for armed forces on land. These solutions complement national hardened SatCom capabilities, giving forces access to communications resources offering high data rates and low latencies, while guaranteeing security and quality of service. We work in collaboration with its customers and partners to develop innovative technologies on the market, in order to offer tailored solutions that guarantee interoperability, resilience and sovereignty.

Among its many innovations, Airbus is developing intelligent routing systems, optical links and digital service platforms. We built over the years strong partners to benefit from always more agility, flexibility, assuring satcom capability with multi-level secure services anywhere in the world. SMEs and start-ups are also part of this ecosystem and we keep a particularly close watch on the various incubators of the defense sector. We work with them to develop innovative solutions to enhance our service offering.