There is an increasing demand from military and government users and operators of all forms of military aircraft including rotary wing platforms to not only remain connected, but also to enhance their capability to use real-time, voice and immediate data transfer services to the aircraft. 

This capability is becoming increasingly important across all aircraft, but specifically in VVIP transportation fleets, Tanker and Transport fleets, ISR, Search and Rescue, Special Forces deployment, Medevac operations and unmanned UAVs. 

All of these operators and users have an increasing need for the aircraft to transmit and receive data that updates the mission direction and status. This real-time fast data transfer is often required beyond the line of sight of the current on-board systems. Which is resulting in the need for enhanced airborne connectivity. 

Airborne Connectivity for your missions

The main mission profiles are: 

  • Military air tanker and military transport aircraft support looking at secure communications and on-route mission updates And use refuelling and loitering assets as smart Airborne Communication Nodes extending the reach of other land, sea and air assets, intelligently maintaining sovereign and classified communications in joint forces and nations missions. 
  • VVIP aircraft (i.e. government official aircraft) looking at secure communications and updates 
  • Rotary mainly military but some civil i.e. coastguard aircraft looking at mission updates, secure communications and realtime data transfer 
  • Medivac operations using rotary wing aircraft can exchange detailed medical information between connectivity-challenged airborne platforms and rapidly forming operations bases, constantly adapting to changing communications constraints 
  • Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Operators providing top-secret intelligence to command looking at realtime imagery transfer, secure communications and on-route mission updates Intelligently share relevant video, images and data in real-time from all ISR assets in challenged environments 
  • Unmanned aircraft (drones etc) looking at realtime imagery transfer and on-route mission updates 

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Optimised end-to-end aero solutions

Airbus Secure Communications can provide a fully optimised end-to-end aero solution that can fully support your mission requirements. 

We have experience as leading: 

  • Military/Government Aircraft and Satellite OEM 
  • We are a proven, reliable and trusted service provider 
  • With over 20 years’ experience delivering highly secure airborne comms systems to defence and government customers 
  • We have a large pool of engineering and project management expertise to manage the complex projects 
  • We can take the complexity away from the customers and manage the whole project 

Our solution features include: 

  • A flexible, simple & cost-efficient solution 
  • Ability to provide a wide range of frequency bands 
  • European MPLS network with the ability to add customer dedicated leased lines 
  • 24/7/365 support from a trusted European provider (one NOC for Land, Maritime and Aero support)
Airbus network cloud service

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Through Rotor Blade Communications

Beyond line of sight, high data rate communications have been an aspiration in the aeronautical world of rotor blades and propellers. As the rotor blades turn, they effectively disrupt and block the communications path resulting in degradation of signal and loss of data.

In order to ensure communications are continuous and uninterrupted, Proteus Unity is able to sense the communication path and adapt to what it sees, maintaining reliable and efficient communications at all times.



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