Connecting you with reliable, trusted and secure communications networks and infrastructure

In a work environment becoming ever more digital, securing communication exchanges and controlling access to data are becoming both an asset and a necessity.

Airbus Secure Communications’ infrastructure and networks cover the globe and are tailorable to meet your requirements – from definition to development, implementation and operation.

Our capabilities range from military satellite communications networks within your headquarters and on the front lines, to LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Networks) IP (Internet Protocol) networks that securely connect hundreds of thousands of desktop computers, along with radio-type, point-to-point circuits providing deployable communications for defence networks across land, sea and air environments

Managing Network Operations

Airbus Secure Communication has decades of experience in managing complex networks on behalf of our customers, for example, hawse have the lead role for the UK Ministry of Defence Skynet network –, which is the world’s only military satellite network managed by the private sector. Continuous monitoring and proactive management of your infrastructure from Airbus can ensure critical network availability and uptime.

Building security and information assurance to enable trust transformation

Airbus Secure Communications provides accredited certificate services on networks up to secret level, improving secure communications for both internal and external use. Through the Enterprise NATO Public Key Infrastructure (E-NPKI) contract, Airbus Secure Communications is tasked to design, implement and deliver a new framework of services for the management of public key certificates, improving secure communications among NATO organisations and with other organisations and countries.

Telecommunication infrastructure and Telephony Service Modernisation

Airbus Secure Communications is supporting the modernisation of the French Armed Forces Ministry’s telecommunications infrastructure with the SYMPHONIE contract – offering 270,000 users a telephony service at 1,500 sites in metropolitan France, overseas territories and abroad. With this contract the telephony network core that carries communications between sites will make the transition from the ISDN technology to a voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system.