Airbus Secure Communications operates across four different sectors. As providers of global secure communication services, our customers span governments, militaries, international agencies and security forces. We have grown to understand the requirements and missions of our customers and have been providing trusted services across each sector for over four decades, continually evolving and growing to match the changing face of operations. 


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Civil and Governments

Resilient connectivity and intelligence solutions for governments, police and emergency services

A market leader in managing and delivering connectivity and intelligence solutions for governments, public safety services.
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Military and Defence

Defence and Security decision makers depend critically upon the support of technology, tools and systems to ensure readiness and preparedness to anticipate and respondto events and missions.
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NATO and International Agencies

Airbus Secure Communications has built well established relationships with numerous international bodies, from North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), to the European Space Agency (ESA) to the European Commission.

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Land Connectivity

We are developing a wide range of customized solutions for armed forces on land. 

Soldiers are driving armoured vehicles in rough terrain and mountainous remote area where radio signals doesn’t work. To avoid them to be stuck in an uncertain and dangerous, Airbus provides with a Satcom On-The-Move system for their vehicles. 

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Maritime Connectivity

We’ve been delivering communication whilst on the move at sea for our customers for over 40 years.

We provide managed satellite services using both military and commercial satellite bandwidth. We focus on delivering the right solutions to meet your operational needs for today and tomorrow. 

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Airborne Connectivity

There is an increasing demand from military and government users and operators of all forms of military aircraft including rotary wing platforms to not only remain connected, but also to enhance their capability to use real-time, voice and immediate data transfer services to the aircraft.

Space Connectivity

We are operating fleets of satellites and payloads across different orbits and frequencies covering the full spectrum of frequency bands and constellations.

We can deliver the best connectivity solution for your missionand we assure that through strong partnerships with major commercial satellite network operators and our own fleet of satellites.