Connecting and securing your critical communications

Airbus Secure Communications operates across four different sectors. As providers of global secure communication services, our customers span governments, militaries, international agencies and security forces.
We have grown to understand the requirements and missions of our customers and have been providing trusted services across each sector for over four decades, continually evolving and growing to match the changing face of operations.

Civil and Government

Airbus Secure Communications is a market leader in managing and delivering resilient connectivity and intelligence solutions for governments, police and emergency services. Through our expertise in managing large volumes of data, we provide you with a clearer, more informed picture and enhanced situational awareness.

Military and Defence

Airbus Secure Communications offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of SatCom and Ground Network services available for military and defence customers. We tailor mission-specific solutions to the creation of complete end-to-end systems, together with services and support that keep them fully operational.

NATO and International Agencies

Airbus Secure Communications has built well established relationships with numerous international bodies, from North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), to the European Space Agency (ESA) to the European Commission. Our work spans more than 25 years, meaning we understands the Alliance’s international requirements, procedures and processesand the benefits of our diverse multi-national workforce, its global presence and the broad expertisethat comes from Airbus’ overall capabilities.