Autonomous and reliable connectivity

Airbus Secure Communications offer simple, cost-effective and reliable provisions of secure wireless and radio networks, using both our own product solutions and augmenting best in class commercial systems. Our wireless and radio networks allow you to maintain communications in the harshest of environments and when satellite services are not an option. We use a range of commercial wireless technology, including LTE (long-term evolution), to address your large fixed sites or for when you are ‘on the move’.  Our agile solution is also 5G ready, enabling wireless cells to be provided in a wider range of deployed environments.


Tactical cells for your deployed sites

Our Everus product provides a wide portfolio of tactical cellular communications for deployed and mobile sites, an example being the French Army BLR-IP project, where this has been deployed by Airbus for more than 10 years. This large fixed site provides a 20km radius wireless cell so that users can maintain mobile connectivity over a wide deployed area.


Overload and interference resistance

Airbus Secure Communications provides point microwave wireless links to provide extension to your satellite connectivity or independent connection of your deployed sites. Using our Magellan bandwidth sensing probes and our intelligent orchestration solution, we can deliver SD-WAN (software-defined networking in a wide area network) control of your wireless links to automatically re-route when they are overloaded or subject to interference/jamming.