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Connecting and securing your critical communications

Airbus Secure Communications operates across four different sectors. As providers of global secure communication services, our customers span governments, militaries, international agencies and security forces.

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Ensuring and providing secure exchanges of critical information and services

In an environment becoming ever more digital, securing communication exchanges and controlling access to data are becoming both an asset and a necessity.

We have decades of experience in working with our customers to build and manage the most resilient systems and networks to fulfil all the requirements. Our expertise across the range of services provided ensures live system support, maintenance and proactive technical refresh.

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Unclassified Communications Network for the EU Military Training Mission
The Unclassified Communications Network for the benefits of the EU Military Training Mission in the Central African Republic.
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EDRS supported Copernicus services as forest fires disrupted ground network
Prioritisation of data relay links via the SpaceDataHighway ensured data acquisition continued robustly.
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Space Connectivity
Airbus awarded MOD contract to provide design authority support for UKs critical military satellite communications system
Stevenage, 27 October 2023 – Airbus has been awarded the Skynet Design Support Contract (SDSC) to provide Design Authority reach back for the UK’s SKYNET 5 and 6A military satellite communications systems.
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Meet with Carl Hallam, Solution Manager
Carl Hallam joined Airbus after completing his Business and Management degree from the Henley Business School at the University of Reading
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