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Airbus Secure Communications has built well established relationships with numerous international bodies, from North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), to the European Space Agency (ESA) to the European Commission. Our work spans more than 25 years, meaning we understands the Alliance’s international requirements, procedures and processes and the benefits of our diverse multi-national workforce, its global presence and the broad expertise that comes from Airbus’ overall capabilities.

A proven and innovative delivery partner

Airbus Secure Communications currently delivers a wide range of communication solutions to NATO.

These range from satellite communication provision and equipment through the NSP2K consortium, to static Communication and Information Systems (CIS) for the NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU). Due to the requirement to act swiftly and decisively to emerging security challenges, Airbus have designed and developed a secure, modular, scalable and rapidly Deployable Communications and Information System (DCIS).

Airbus Secure Communications are leaders in the design, implementation and support of new service frameworks for the management of public key certificates. We also recognise the importance of the right skills and expertise, Airbus Secure Communications also provide Advisory and Assistance Services and have a proven record for providing contractor support to governments and international organisations ensuring the correct technical skills are within the right places.

Deployable Communication Information System (DCIS)

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