Digital acceleration in military operations

In the fast-paced world of military and security operations, digitalisation has emerged as a critical imperative, driving the need for agility, efficiency, and competitive advantage. At the forefront of this transformation is satellite communication technology, which is revolutionising the way operations are conducted on the battlefield and beyond.

Satcom's pivotal role in digital acceleration lies in its ability to swiftly address threats and outpace adversaries. Through advanced satellite platforms, military and security forces gain access to real-time data, communication, and intelligence, empowering them to make informed decisions and respond proactively to dynamic challenges. This is the next End-to-End connectivity that also better combines terrestrial and space networks for better performance and resiliency in the perspective of future combat systems.

The evolution of satcom technologies represents a significant milestone in the broader digital transformation journey. Satellite platforms, in particular, have played a key role in driving digital acceleration. These agile and highly capable platforms carry advanced hosted payloads, offering disruptive services such as advanced communication, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities, thereby enhancing operational effectiveness.

Advancements in terminal technologies are essential to keeping pace with evolving satellite systems. Smaller, high-performance antennas with high data rates are crucial for ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with the latest satellite technologies, highlighting the interconnected nature of the satcom ecosystem.


Future capabilities through technological fusion

In our pursuit of future capabilities, we believe in the synergy of diverse service technologies. This conviction extends beyond individual advancements to the creative integration of GEO, MEO, LEO, and terrestrial ground systems. 

By combining these elements strategically, we construct a complex network that presents formidable challenges to competitors. The integration of artificial intelligence revolutionises our approach, enabling automation and optimisation throughout the service lifecycle, the power of optical communication, including gigabit speeds and 5G NTN, which revolutionises data transmission, facilitating rapid and reliable connectivity across vast distances. As well as advancements in quantum computing, the ability to break encryption keys at unprecedented speeds has profound implications for cybersecurity and data protection.


What does Airbus offer ?

Eurostar Neo, a new generation satellite boasting unparalleled accuracy, impressive capabilities, and a multitude of antennas, coupled with substantial power availability. This advanced platform sets a new standard for satellite performance.

Arrow, a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite is designed with remarkable agility in payload deployment. This flexibility allows it to fulfil a myriad of space missions and seamlessly integrate with various launch vehicles, ensuring unparalleled adaptability and efficiency.

Finally, OneSat, a revolutionary satellite platform combining the precision of Eurostar with enhanced configurability in a more compact form factor. This flexibility extends throughout the satellite's lifecycle, allowing for seamless upgrades and adaptations to meet evolving needs. Moreover, OneSat is capable of accommodating smart payloads that can be configured from the ground, leveraging onboard processors to efficiently manage satellite traffic. This innovative approach unlocks potential services, ushering in a new era of satellite communication capabilities. 


Satellite communication stands at the forefront of digital transformation in military and security operations. As satcom technologies continue to evolve and innovate, they will remain indispensable in shaping the future of operations, ensuring that military forces maintain their competitive edge on the battlefield and beyond. By harnessing the collective power of diverse service technologies and fostering innovation, we pave the way for a future defined by unprecedented connectivity, efficiency, and security.


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