Partnerships for smart connectivity solutions

Developing and growing our global partnerships enables Airbus Secure Communications to bring the power of smart connectivity solutions to customers worldwide.

We believe working with a strong partner network is the optimal way to meet your evolving requirements. With over 40 years of systems integration and network management heritage, Airbus Secure Communications has worked with customers from around the world to bring together the very best technology on the market and integrate and deliver one complete solution.

A growing portfolio

Today, Airbus Secure Communications has many successful partnerships across the globe.

We are the leading company in providing a full spectrum of satellite bandwidth and service options, using both military and commercial frequency bands. Our teams are experts in bandwidth provision and partner closely with all the major satellite operators.

Airbus Secure Communications offer an extensive satcom terminal catalogue to cover your missions whether on land, in air or at sea. We ensure you have access to the best terminal for your mission, whilst ensuring service standards and assurance levels.

To enable worldwide militaries to access our extensive portfolio, Airbus Secure Communications partners with local communications providers, to allow you to benefit from highly resilient military satellite communication services.