Resilient connectivity across the battlespace

Defence and Security decision makers depend critically upon the support of technology, tools and systems to ensure readiness and preparedness to anticipate and respond to events and missions. 

Airbus Secure Communications have been working with militaries worldwide for over forty years, together building a wealth of experience in delivering, operating and maintaining communication solutions for military and defence users – on the ground, in the air, at sea and in space. We offer the broadest portfolio of services available today for military and defence customers – from mission-specific solutions based on usage needs, to the creation of complete end-to-end systems, along with the services and support that keep them fully operational.


Trusted heritage with proven connectivity

Airbus is the pioneer of secure military satellite communications within a commercial framework. 

Airbus Secure Communications are proud to provide: 

  • communications solutions to 38 armed forces and organisations worldwide (including NATO and the European Defence Agency), 
  • 24/7 support in more than 160 countries, 
  • hundreds of ground stations including 200 fixed and deployed stations for the French Armed Forces in the Comcept broadband communications system
  • 600 ground terminals for Germany’s SATCOMBw satellite network. 

On behalf of the UK MOD, Airbus Secure Communications operates and manages services for a fleet of six spacecraft, in which these services are also available to other NATO and allied governments to augment their existing services.


Investment in capability to meet your mission

We offer capabilities tailored to your needs, beginning with upstream collaboration on defining and understanding the requirements, creating comprehensive roadmaps and system definition, followed by implementation, operation and support. With satellite communications as its backbone, Airbus Secure Communications’ services also include radio networks, Security and IT network infrastructure, tactical land communications, and maritime connectivity. Our solutions are highly cost-effective due to our established relationships with suppliers of industry- leading systems and hardware – including off-the-shelf and civilian equipment that are customised to your required security level.