Airbus is operating fleets of satellites and payloads across different orbits and frequencies covering the full spectrum of frequency bands and constellations. 

Airbus can deliver the best connectivity solution for your mission. Airbus also assures that through strong partnerships with major commercial satellite network operators and our own fleet of satellites, we guarantee flexible, secure satellite communications options with multi-tiered, secure services anywhere in the world.

LEO, MEO or GEO satellites?

Satellite connectivity – being based on LEO, MEO or GEO – can be used for various applications of military or governmental users on land, at sea or in the air. Airbus designs, develops, integrats and operats of end-to-end satellite communication systems for customers worldwide. New raising constellations in medium (MEO) and low earth orbit (LEO) offer new opportunities for real-time communications for different scenarios and users. 


Our solution for connectivity to your missions

Expert and partner in the development of a suitable system architecture and provision of a complete end-to-end capability Design, development, integration, installation and administration of customized network management systems and the associated hardware Resilient communication technology for mission-critical operations to actively defend against threats and a mission-oriented terminal portfolio that covers all dimensions

  • Providing Milsatcom capacity for more than 20 years 
  • Provision of X-Band and Mil-Ka-Band via Syracuse 4 (ATCO) 
  • Secure transmission of high data volumes using ultra-wideband laser communication 
  • 18 channels of UHF capacity for military users across Europe (hosted payload) 
  • Official partner to provide LEO (Low-Earth Orbit) services via OneWeb and MEO (Medium-Earth Orbit) services 
  • Partnerships with commercial providers, giving our customers access to all frequencies