What is COMMFLEX® Aero?

COMMFLEX Aero is a solution catalogue from Airbus that delivers end-to-end advanced communication capabilities to defence and government air platform users. Offered as modular capability, tailored packages can be built from a portfolio of managed bandwidth services and advanced aero systems, whatever the mission requirement.

Why do I need COMMFLEX® Aero?

COMMFLEX® Aero offers the latest aircraft communications technologies as a core component of Airbus’ Network for the Sky, which brings together all elements of the connected battlespace to maximise communication superiority and mission success.

Managed Bandwidth Services

COMMFLEX Aero® delivers high assured beyond-line-of-sight voice, data and video capabilities for several types of aero missions including: C2, troop transportation, defence logistics, special operations, CSAR, manned and unmanned ISR.

COMMFLEX® Aero delivers fully managed network and bearer services carefully designed to ensure that the Quality of Service (QoS)critical to your operation is delivered under the most demanding of expectations.

Bearer services include satellite connectivity for high-reliability beyond-line-of-sight communications. Ranging across the frequency spectrum, our growing portfolio includes high-resilience L-band, high-speed Ku/Ka-band and military-secure and Mil-Ka band services.

Whether fixed-wing, rotary-wing or UAV platforms, our mission optimised solutions ensure global, polar, regional, and in-theatre focused performance. Further options including multi-band e.g. L-band and Mil-Ka are also available through Airbus’ COMMFLEX®Aero to maximise operational flexibility.

Advanced Aero Connectivity Systems

To ensure the full potential of your service is achieved, Airbus carefully selects the ideal equipment solutions for your platform, including best-in-class aero qualified terminals, user interfaces and end-to-end security solutions.

Flexible and fully supported communications services

COMMFLEX® Aero is available through tailored subscription services to meet budgetary and mission requirements. A wide range of flexible subscription options are offered including PAYG, Monthly, Power & Bandwidth Leasing, Volume-Based, Capped, AYCE and Pooled. The service is accessible through a fully serviced customer portal, with 24/7 assistance to ensure you always have help when you need it.

Why Airbus?

Airbus provides complete end to end secure communication solutions for all COMMFLEX® Aero services, aligned with our longstanding heritage as a trusted supplier to defence and government customers. Airbus has over 20 years’ experience delivering advanced, highly secure airborne communications systems. 

As a defence aircraft OEM and Satellite Operator and Manufacturer, we have the knowledge and capability to provide complete end to end solutions, delivered with robust Service Level Agreement’s, designed to provide our customers with the best experience possible. Specialist account management and service delivery teams provide an exceptional user experience with 24/7 global support.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction, security and service assurance ensures our customers can execute their mission with confidence anywhere, anytime.