We are very pleased to have welcomed the German Aerospace coordinator Anna Christmann at our EDRS Mission Operations Centre (MOC) in Ottobrunn, Germany. This was a great opportunity to present her SpaceDataHighway , which is the only commercially operational service worldwide.

EDRS Mission Operations Centre ensures availability to customers

The EDRS Mission Operations Centre (MOC) is located at the Airbus Ottobrunn site and orchestrates SpaceDataHighway’s data relay service delivery.

  • The EDRS MOC combines Airbus-built highly-automated infrastructure with on-console operators who ensure highest service availability to our customers
  • Orchestration of EDRS service partners in its end-to-end mission planning and execution are ensured by 24/7 MOC operations, these also provide the essential first-line response to the Customer
  • A back-office team of skilled engineers supports all MOC operations by efficiently preparing operations and by managing service levels and service evolutions

Optical data relay service in Copernicus Program

Anna Christmann was able to follow a live link with EDRS and a Sentinel Satellite of the EU Copernicus program which has benefited from Airbus’ optical data relay service in support of its global monitoring tasks since 2016. More than 65.000 successful links at an unprecedented 99.7% service availability clearly underline the very strong service performance backed by German key technology provided by TESAT

Airbus Secure Communications is contributing to this first HydRON milestone

Looking ahead, we also shared our ambitions for HydRON, which is to create a globally available optical overlay network, seamlessly integrating space assets and terrestrial optical fibre networks with a terabit-per-second capacity. The German industrial landscape is ready to take this challenge and to make HydRON the next successful lighthouse project based on optical communications with a strong German leadership. 


Thank you Anna Christmann for your visit and your interest!