We are delighted to have hosted the French Ambassador for Germany Anne-Marie Descôtes and members of the DGA (Direction Générale des Armements) at our EDRS Mission Operations Centre(MOC) here in Ottobrunn, Germany.

Secure broadband connectivity solutions

During the visit, discussion turned to the topic of vital Earth Observation imagery and its rapid availability to decision makers. In addition, we discussed the innovation potential for providing European citizens with secure broadband connectivity solutions – based on the leveraging of optical technologies.

Optical data relay service in Copernicus Program

Our guests were able to follow a live link session between a Sentinel satellite from the EU Copernicus program and our EDRS-C data relay satellite. In fact, with over 65,000 successful links since 2016, EDRS continues to be one of the operational cornerstones supporting the EU Copernicus program in fulfilling its mission objectives.

The EDRS Mission Operations Center ensures service availability for customers

The EDRS MOC is located at the Airbus Ottobrunn site and delivers data relay services using SpaceDataHighway. The EDRS Mission Operations Centre combines an Airbus-built highly automated infrastructure with on-site skilled personnel to ensure the highest service availability for our customers.

Orchestrating EDRS service partners in end-to-end mission planning and execution is ensured by a 24/7 MOC operation that also; provides the necessary first-line response to the customer.

A back-office team of qualified engineers supports all MOC operations by efficiently preparing operations and managing services and service developments.

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