Secure high data rate connection for ground segment

In June 2020, we introduced our innovative SatCom on the Move land solution. This solution guarantees continuous commandment for engaged units in operation. It offers a secure connection with high availability to exchange videos, voice and operational flows in fast moving tactical environments.

Flexibility in mission planning for land forces and satellite operators

The “on the move" solution offers a unique capacity with non-simultaneous dual-bands X and Mil-Ka and guarantees a permanent linkthroughout any electromagnetic environmental conditions. When faced with heavy rain or jamming the switch of band enables all usersto maintain the necessary broadband to achieve their mission.

Successful test campaign in real conditions

During several months, a ground test campaign has been carried out on our demonstrator across several thousands of kilometres toassess satellite tracking performances. The tests showed high and consistent throughput performances, working across all types ofgrounds, showcasing its ability to answer all types of mission requirements. The solution has also qualifi ed to be compatible with harshmilitary environments and its design takes into account ballistic threats.

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