At the end of March, Airbus participated in SOFINS 2023, the biannual event of high-tech industries with Special Forces and Special Units. Organised by Cercle de l’Arbalète, SOFINS gathers industrial groups who showcase their unique solutions tailored to the needs of special operations. 

This event marked the beginning of Syracuse IV Services’ commercial launch.

SYRACUSE IV: A dual band services

Syracuse IV, the fourth generation of the French military sovereign satellite, is a French MoD owned telecommunication system, consisting of a ground satcom system and two military satellites, Syracuse 4A and 4B, covering the Caribbean to the Straits of Malacca. This new-generation constellation will be the first to provide a completely flexible reconfiguration of their X‑ and Ka-band military payload.

Airbus and Telespazio have been chosen as the exclusive industrial partners to commercialize those latest milsatcom capabilities for third parties. ATCO (Airbus Telespazio Capacity Operator), the Airbus and Telespazio joint venture, owns the contract with the French MoD and has invested in two dedicated ground satcom infrastructures, located in French MoD sites in France. Thanks to this 10-year partnership, Airbus has the ability to offer a whole portfolio of services from raw bandwidth to end-to-end managed services to French allied forces.



SOFINS marked the first day of the commercial launch of the SYRACUSE IV services. Airbus demonstrated, in real time, the first operational solution integrating the Airbus X-Band ‘Ranger Terminal’, Syracuse 4A, the Airbus X-Band anchor station located in Toulouse, and Agnet, the mission critical application.

 This demonstrated live transmission voice, video and data between various Agnet user groups and associated devices through secure satellite communications.

The first Syracuse 4A satellite was launched in 2021 and associated services are now open. Compatible with several types of terminals, allied forces will have access to communication capacity in X-band, military Ka-band and X/Ka dual-band mode offers unique flexibility and the highest levels of protection in alignment with NATO standards