Last week Airbus executed a successful sea trial, satisfying the French Navy's need for satellite communications at very high speed and low latency to cope with ever-increasing data exchanges. Airbus collaborated with the DIRISI (Joint Directorate of Infrastructure Networks and Information Systems), the DGA, the DGA naval technical experts and the French Navy. As an integrator and global operator, Airbus, teamed with SES for connectivity and Orbit regarding the adaptation of the existing antennae to make them capable of hooking MEO constellation 03B orbital satellites (MEO: Middle Earth Orbit)

Thanks to the commitment of all stakeholders, Aircraft carrier ‘Charles de Gaulle’ was equipped in an exceptionally short time, to experiment with this new capacity for two weeks, during a pilot landing qualification outing.

The results are in line with expectations for throughput, but above all, due to the low latency offered by the MEO link, the aircraft carrier has accessed new services for the first time, to the great satisfaction of the crew.

Airbus continues to support The French Navy on their journey towards high throughput and low latency, enabling the fleet to meet the challenges of the future, delivering an enduring capability.

The Airbus team, which embarked for a week, was able to experience the exceptional living to the particular rhythm of this floating city that is the aircraft carrier.