Ranger Flyaway Terminals

For lightweight construction and fast deployment, Ranger flyaway terminals are the premier satcom solution. Every Ranger incorporates light, durable components and is expertly designed for easy assembly, operation and maintenance. You can count on Ranger terminals to consistently deliver high-quality remote field communications to further your mission’s success.

Ranger Flyaway Terminal

Industry-Leading EIRP

Ranger terminals are the industry leader in EIRP signal strength and world-renowned for their exceptional reliability.


Field-Interchangeable Feed Booms

Rangers feature a modular feed boom design that incorporates all of the RF components for C, X, Ku and Ka-bands. Operators can swap between bands in seconds and interchange feed booms between multiple antenna sizes – saving you space, time and money.


Durable and Lightweight

The components in Ranger terminals are both durable and lightweight, ensuring a high level of mobility and product longevity. The reflector is made from a carbon fiber composite and features integrated machined fasteners for extra protection in even the most extreme environments.


Quick and Easy Operation

Ranger terminals are simple to operate, so your team can stay focused on their mission, not their communications equipment. For most configurations, a single operator can set up and establish network access in less than 10 minutes.


Revolutionary Modularity

The modularity of the Ranger system allows for a high level of customisation to fit your mission’s requirements. Over 80% of the Ranger components at the LRU level are interoperable with each other. This level of component modularity and commonality significantly reduces the logistical tail compared to competitive systems. The Ranger product line was designed as a Family of Systems (FoS), allowing customers to have base antennas of multiple sizes and common RF feedbooms, ODUs and spares packages. This FoS approach simplifies setup, operation and maintenance, since the Ranger line shares the same processes and interfaces. Ranger terminals also feature customisable packaging that can be set up for minimum weight deployments, a minimum amount of cases or anywhere in between.


Motorised and Non-Motorised Solutions

Ranger’s reliable, motorised configuration incorporates an antenna control unit that offers one-button “deploy, locate and peak,” as well as an inclined orbit tracking system. The non-motorised configuration further improves system reliability and includes a Pointing Assistant for simple and fast satellite acquisition.


Training & Sustainment

Our Satcom specialists provide on-site operator training, field-level maintenance training and sustainment-level training to ensure successful integration into your next mission.


24/7 Support

If you have a question or issue, you can contact Airbus 24/7 and receive expert phone support. We also offer in-depth satcom instructional and training videos online for your convenience.

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