Airbus DS Government Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce its recent selection as a satellite terminal provider to the U.S. Army. 

Airbus DSGS will provide Ranger 1200 satellite terminals, built at ADSGS facility in Plano, TX, to the U.S. Army as a satellite communications (SATCOM) terminal solution for the Sustainment Transport System (STS) program. 

The STS SATCOM program will enable global data exchange for the Army's logistics information systems and applications. Additionally, it will expand current logistics SATCOM capabilities to operate on both commercial and military satellites in the Ku, Ka, and X bands. These easy-to-use STS expeditionary network transport systems are designed for general-purpose users and can be rapidly set up and torn down for enhanced unit maneuverability. 

"We're honored to provide Ranger 1200 satellite terminals to the U.S. Army," said Christopher Morris, President and CEO of Airbus DS Government Solutions, Inc. "The Ranger 1200 satellite terminal can be installed in under 15 minutes, and its interchangeable components reduce cost, pack-out, transportability, and training requirements. This provides the Army with a flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use satellite communications solution," he added. 

The Airbus Ranger Terminal Family of Systems (FoS) offers users a modular tri-band system, available in four terminal sizes with interchangeable modem platforms and frequency bands. 

More information about the Ranger Family of Terminals is available at: