Systems and Networks ensuring secure exchanges of critical information

In an environment becoming ever more digital, securing communication exchanges and controlling access to data are becoming both an asset and a necessity.

Airbus Secure Communications has decades of experience in working with our customers to build and manage the most resilient systems and networks to fulfil all the requirements.

Infrastructure and Networks

From designing new infrastructure to evolving and modernising existing systems. Airbus Secure Communications provides seamless end-to-end network infrastructure to connect all of your assets, securely.

Tactical Networks

Robust and deployable wherever and whenever you need it. Airbus Secure Communications delivers simple, cost-effective and reliable augmentation of tactical radio networks allowing you to rapidly share information.

Satcom Systems

Our satellite communications systems deliver you both information superiority and command superiority. Our expertise has designed and managed some of the most comprehensive satcom systems in the world all within the frame of your national security standards.