Connectivity and secure services by Airbus Secure Communications

Serving government, military and civilian users alike, long-term partnerships with customers deliver a customer commitment that you can rely on today and tomorrow. Our expertise across the range of services provided ensures live system support, maintenance and proactive technical refresh.

Maintenance and Support

Our commitment goes way beyond contract signature. Airbus Secure Communications provides 24/7 support in over 160 countries. Innovation, skilled people, training and maintenance are delivered throughout the lifetime of our services.

Network Operations

Airbus Secure Communications is experienced in designing, developing, installing and managing custom network operations such as management systems for government, military and commercial users.

Satellite Connectivity

Satellite connectivity from Airbus Secure Communications brings trusted end-to-end solutions, connecting and informing people anytime, anywhere.

Morale and Welfare Services

Airbus Secure Communications play a part in maintaining the morale and welfare of our Armed Forces through ensuring global, easy-to-access voice and data services for use in any deployment or environment.