EU SatCom Market (ESM) is a framework contract with the European Defence Agency (EDA) of which Airbus have been working on since 2012. This contract allows European Union member states to centralise their satellite communication requirements and obtain coordinated, more economical and effective access to these services.

About EU SatCom Market, a framework contract with EDA

As a part of the EU SatCom Market, Airbus delivers SatCom services and Communication & Information Systems (CIS) services to European Union member states, EU military and civilian mission, as well as EU bodies. The contract covers the provision of satellite communications (in C, Ku, Ka and L frequency bands), the sale and rental of terminals, as well as the provision of ‘turnkey solutions’, particularly in theatres of operation outside of the EU. The satellite communications and CIS solutions provided through this contract can be deployed worldwide, and play a key role in European defence and security operations. For this contract, Airbus has teamed up with Marlink who will supply some of the terminals and specific L- and Ku-band services. Today, the ESM has 33 members all of which can now swiftly and efficiently get access to satellite solutions and services through EDA. 

SatCom and CIS Orders passed through EU SatCom Market contract 

The partnership between Airbus and Marlink has since performed major contribution and support to the EDA, leading to excess of 500 Satcom & CIS orders handled through ESM.

Teams are working closely with EDA customers and with end-users to well understand their needs and be able to propose the most efficient solutions. Every year, we answer more than 100 order requests to deploy in-field services. Due to the nature of the requests, high response rates are critical, meaning in some cases, services are deployed within 24, 36 or 72 hours. 

One of the most recent service set-up’s was the deployment of a new V-SAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) system in Mauritania. Stay tuned, we will communicate more on this recent customer deployment.