Tactical Land Communications

In providing solutions that follow a goal-oriented evolutionary path, we are actively shaping the future communication and cooperation landscape and creating the conditions for new standards that also respect the fundamental ethical values of autonomous systems.

Digitalisation and the resulting information superiority on land, in the air, at sea and in space (including cyber and information security) is one of the most important demands facing national and alliance defence forces today.

As situations become more complex and the pace of operations continues to increase, fast, adaptive and pragmatic systems are required. The system architecture to be implemented must therefore be flexible, adaptable to the operational environment and suitably robust – all while focusing on IT security.

Interoperability is supported for multinational coalition forces as well as for national security agencies and their respective networks. The use of standardised and open interfaces also enables us to integrate individual solutions that are not tied to specific vendors.

The dynamic development of commercial information technology has many benefits for the armed forces with what are at times short product lifecycles. Therefore, Airbus is focusing on a rapid transformation of the highly mobile ‘first mile’ and intelligent scalability spanning nomadic and deployable systems, as well as stationary components in the home country.

The availability of digital services on a secure Smart Combat Client carried by military personnel, involving various radio systems (multi-redundancy) including backward compatibility with existing systems.

Our service-oriented combat cloud architecture enables us to access information in a manner appropriate to each level.

The Tactical Combat Cloud organises the distribution of data – adapted and prioritised to the available network – and provides interfaces for interoperability from headquarters to the mobile tactical level.

This enables the integration and evolution of applications and their information. By interlinking reconnaissance information and command and control information systems, the user gains a decisive information lead in operations and combat.

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