Multi Domain Smart Connectivity

Enhancing defence power through information superiority

One of the most critical challenges faced in a congested and contested battlefield is the ability to connect and securely communicate across all domains as military forces around the world move towards Multi-Domain Operations. Additionally, the battlespace has multiple diverse and dynamic data sets with which to interoperate and base decisions on, while data consumption and demand continues to grow. Furthermore, military forces require a far higher level of automation and integration throughout the mission cycle (also known as the Observe-Orient-Decide-Act loop) to take control of the situation and overcome an opponent adversaries adaptive system.

For Multi-Domain operations it is about having the right information at the right time thereby enabling the execution of operations with well integrated and resilient capabilities.

What is the Multi-Domain Combat Cloud?

Airbus’ Multi-Domain Combat Cloud is about enhancing defence power through information superiority. This means cross-domain integration of heterogeneous platforms, including existing legacy platforms in its evolutionary path.

It is a decentralised, cyber-resilient, collaborative information environment across air, land, sea, space and cyber domains using cloud-based technologies. It connects nodes for all forces across the land, air, sea, and space domains, enabling real-time intelligence and exchanges whilst providing protection within the cyber domain. The Multi-Domain Combat Cloud increases mission efficiency and effectiveness by providing the right information, at the right asset, at the right time, and is underpinned by Multi Domain Smart Connectivity.

Enabling seamless collaboration across all domains and users

Airbus Secure Communications is providing the Cloud Computing and Smart Connectivity capabilities as we are a global leader in secure communications solutions, operations and services with a deep understanding of the full IT and communications stack across all domains. We are striving for a more integrated, more digitalised, more collaborative and agile operational environment. Our roadmap for developing new and emerging technologies and enhancing solutions is focused on meeting the needs of our customers and ensuring secure and reliable connectivity regardless of domain.

We are able to act as a solution provider, system integrator, service operator or a mixture of each to provide the specific capability that you need. Addressing the need for efficient and dynamic management, orchestration, and security, our suite of capabilities are designed to provide you the best possible operational system or service.

Airbus Secure Communications is working, together with its customers and partners to grow and develop the very best technologies on the market to offer adaptable solutions that focus on interoperability, resilience and sovereignty.

  • End-to-End  Global connectivity that enables seamless collaboration across all domains and users. Including services architecture and systems integration capability
  • Intelligent Networking and Orchestration that provides reliable delivery and management of networks even those that are Denied, Disrupted, Intermittent or Limited (DDIL)
  • Secure Cloud Access & IT Infrastructure that enables a shared information environment with trusted access, collaboration, and the sharing of data and content

Secure and seamless services for a truly digital experience

To allow your critical applications to operate to their full potential, Airbus Secure Communications integrates the latest commercial technologies together with Airbus products built to meet the specific needs of our secure customers and their operating environments, using our expertise to provide the best customer outcomes We deliver an interoperable framework of solutions that brings you value and securely protects your network against loss of service and data.

As the market and technology evolve, we continue to track and integrate new technologies to ensure that our solutions remain at the head of the field. Leading the development of new technologies, such as laser communications to bring unprecedented transmission rates, data security and resilience to meet the demands of the battlespace of tomorrow.

Through the intelligent orchestration of information and network services, we enable a fast response to emerging situations and ensure that you have the information and capabilities that you need, when you need them.

ELEVATE : An air-centric demonstration of Airbus Multi-Domain Smart Connectivity capabilities

The need for information advantage is ever more critical to provide commanders with up-to-the-second situational awareness from the battlespace TO RAPIDLY make the best decisions and turn these into actions. The foundation of achieving this is based on the efficiency and effectiveness of communications that can cope with congested, contested environments and constantly moving battlespace assets. 

It is not effective to simply deliver large volumes of information to all stakeholders as this will likely lead to overloading and duplicated effort, but to deliver the right information, to the right decision node at the right time. This approach will benefit missions by reducing risks, minimising mission duration and increasing safety of personnel and assets. 

ELEVATE provides solutions for these needs which are demonstrated by a military government communications scenario between connected airborne assets and land domain forces expanding in complexity and aligned with future MDCC (Multi-Domain Combat Cloud) operations.