We are Team ICELUS

Together, we have a unique breadth of expertise which we believe will accelerate the modernisation of defence networks in order to support a truly data rich, multi-domain environment.

As trusted strategic partners with an understanding of the entire battlespace, our complementary skills will enable the UK to realise their vision of bringing together communications, information and targeting to provide information superiority in the future battlespace.

One team offering pioneering change

Airbus, Fujitsu and Thales have commercially aligned to form Team ICELUS. The team offer pioneering change through a coherent systems integration approach to deliver operational effectiveness to the end users. ICELUS will be able to jointly explore how their respective unique expertise and solutions can be combined in order to put forward the best-possible proposals with regards to knowledge and competitiveness.

Our systemic view will be used to leverage our combined and proven expertise to pioneer the change in the development and delivery of data centric networks of multiple interconnected communications systems that will span the space, air, land, sea and cyber domains.

One team collaborating as a trusted strategic partner

We are already trusted strategic partners and have an unrivalled understanding of defence communications networks. ICELUS focuses on the mission outcomes of the user and each partner already works in collaboration with the UK customer.

ICELUS believes that no single industrial partner is able to assist the MoD in achieving their goals of modernising the ‘Digital Backbone’ through the introduction of emergent command and control systems. We believe we are the only team able to offer the best System Integration capability using a ‘Soldier to Satellite’ ideology. ICELUS will continue to on-board innovative, small and medium sized enterprises and bring about specialist innovative capabilities to offer genuine innovation whilst continuing to sustain and enhance a UK centric, defence industrial base.

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About the ICELUS consortium


For over 50 years Fujitsu have innovated with the MOD, Government Departments and intelligence communities, co-creating new technologies and capabilities. Fujitsu understands that within the military, end-to-end digitalisation is crucial, and are committed to developing innovative digital solutions that overcome the complexities of transformation and deliver decision advantage. As a result, Fujitsu has security cleared staff and experience to deliver and manage both generic industry offerings and those tailored to specialist needs at all levels of classification. From IT service management, secure cloud, software defined networking, information and application integration, artificial intelligence and dev ops. Fujitsu promote a human centric intelligent society, in which innovation is driven by the integration of people, information and infrastructure.


Thales has a vision for the future of military capability called “Collaborative Combat”. This vision demonstrates a clear understanding of the UK MOD’s focus on data-centricity and multi-domain integration in the ISTAR and TacCIS areas. Our focus for LE TacCIS SI is to offer the systems integration outcomes for the next generation of secure tactical and operational radio bearers and soldier worn systems - integrating capability from soldier to satellite. Our credentials in research and the delivery of capability in both the UK and globally, mean that our radio, ECM and high assurance engineering and security skills remain leading edge. Thales are NATO’s leading supplier of ISTAR systems and number two in the world for the supply of military radio communications. For LE TacCIS our secure communication technologies, innovative sophisticated waveforms and systems integration for mounted and dismounted combat systems are highly complementary to our partners’ expertise in aerospace and information technologies.


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