Hybrid Networks

Secure and seamless services for a truly digital experience

To allow your critical applications to operate to their full potential, Airbus Secure Communications integrates the latest commercial technologies together with our experience delivering security and resilience. We deliver an interoperable framework of solutions that brings you value and securely protects your network against loss of service and data. Our highly-skilled teams also bring extensive experience in both Command and Control and Communications software.

As the market and technology evolve, we continue to track and integrate new technologies to ensure that our Hybrid Networks solutions remain at the head of the field. Through the intelligent orchestration of information and network services, we enable a fast response to emerging situations and ensure that you have the information and capabilities that you need, when you need them.

Hybrid Networks delivers secure multi-network connectivity across different types of networks whether wired or wireless, and whether airborne, on the ground, at sea or in the space segment for both government and commercial applications. Using the latest cloud-based technologies within deployed or constrained environments we are able to expedite your business.

Performance and efficiency with end-to-end security

Hybrid Netwoks brings together previously disparate networks and IT systems to maximise performance, ensure data security and providing dynamic traffic management. It enables high interoperability of both legacy and contemporary architectures as well as supporting digitalised broadband applications and services, all protected with an end-to-end security chain.

Integrating both our own secure network services together with commercial network services, we are able to utilitse new technologies and improve security, availability and reliability of the connectivity at all times with a common control plane. This ensures you are given the best value for money for your secure connectivity allowing you to use both open and dedicated networks securely and efficiently increasing mission effectiveness.

An extensive portfolio to future proof your networks

Addressing the need for efficient and dynamic management, orchestration, and security, our suite  of capabilities are designed to provide you the best possible operational service.

Our Hybrid Networks solutions integrate; satellite communications, networking technologies such as 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution), Wi-Fi, radio network bearers, fixed networks, IT and communication services. Each element of the suite can be used autonomously, or integrated with other Hybrid Networks elements or with other solutions from Airbus. We are also able to act as a solution provider, system integrator, service operator or a mixture of each to provide the specific capability that you need.