Shaping the Future of Secure Connectivity

With decades of experience behind us, we are consistently developing cutting-edge technologies for the most challenging of missions. Our pioneering spirit and first-hand knowledge of communication systems delivers the best-in-class capabilities today but we are driving the future.

We aim for a world which is more prosperous, safer and better-connected.

Make a safer future by enabling insights for smarter decision making through trusted connectivity, secure networking and end-to-end services.

Hybrid Networks

Delivering seamless multi-network digital and analogue connectivity management for your airborne, ground, sea or space assets.

Tactical Land Communications

The future of a digital, seamless, single information environment connecting the barracks, headquarters through to the individual soldier utilising an open network architecture ensuring a flexible and evolving capability.

Network For The Sky

Providing connectivity throughout the duration of your air missions, delivering secure networked airborne communications with one resilient, high-speed global network that supports your most advanced applications.

Laser Communications

A change in the speed of space communications, using cutting-edge ultra-broadband laser communications and the geostationary orbit of relay satellites to deliver a unique and secure data transfer services in real time.