We Celebrate #WorldPilotDay !

Featured stories - Publication date : 26 April 2021
We Celebrate #WorldPilotDay !

Today we celebrate #WorldPilotDay, for this occasion we wanted to introduce to Jean-Philippe Scherer, our Head of Future Programmes.

 “For over 20 years I was a Fighter Pilot in the French Air Force before joining Airbus. I participated in multiple operations on different theaters to perform air combat and reconnaissance missions. Being a pilot was constant learning and improving process to keep the highest level. A memorable career moment was when I did an exchange in Russia for my initial fighter pilot training; this was right after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was quite unique and challenging.

 I’ve also worked for NATO, as an evaluator of air bases and combat unit. After that experience, I came back to university to get a degree of Space engineer then worked on satellite controls in a research Centre of the US Air Force. 

In 2006 I came back to France to work on the development of the Rafale, testing new flight systems before delivering them to the forces. My last military position was in Brussels working as head of operations for the European Union, before I joined Airbus in 2016. 

Joining the company helped me to fulfill my dream to work in the Space industry, and to use my engineer and operational experience to develop innovative solutions. It is not so different from the Air Force, I have found in Airbus exactly the same dynamic environment, collective passion and high level of expertise. 

My pilot background helps me everyday in my new position, being rigorous at work and respecting procedures, as well as managing teams in a competitive environment with calm and fighting spirit.

I no longer fly jets, but I am still reserve officer in the National Guard twenty days a year, working in operations at the French Space Command, still keeping an eye on sky and stars either in uniform or within Airbus!"

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