UK MoD places significant order for our Bracer service

Featured stories - Publication date : 08 February 2021
UK MoD places significant order for our Bracer service

Airbus has recently had a significant order placed for our Bracer service from the UK MOD. Designed by our partner QinetiQ, to operate in the planet’s harshest environments, it is the most robust, effective and reliable commercial TacSat in the market. Responsive, reliable, simple and secure, Bracer™ increases reactiveness, enhances situational awareness and the passage of information within the operational domain, improving the ability to prosecute effective command and control and increase the speed of the decision-making cycle.

What is Bracer?

Bracer™ is a commercial satellite command and control radio.  It enables the user to keep securely connected through a 100% beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) push-to-talk device enabling the user to operate without restraints and delivers guaranteed performance in some of the harshest environments.

How does Bracer work?

The Bracer™ system is powered by Iridium satellite Push-to-Talk technology, which is a highly-resilient service that can be configured in seconds to ensure connectivity, while end-to-end encryption protects the information which is exchanged both securely and safely between the users.  In addition, Bracer enables position location Information to be transmitted from each device enhancing situational awareness.

Extreme resilience Bracer™ delivers guaranteed performance in some of the harshest environments in the world across land, sea and air. Rated IP66 and IP67, Bracer™ can withstand extreme conditions, keeping global teams connected when it matters most.

Compact carrying Bracer’s optimised Size, Weight (450g) and Power (SWaP) ratio means it can be deployed easily and used discreetly.

Affordability without compromise Bracer’s use of commercial satellite technology guarantees elite functionality at a fraction of the cost of military alternatives — so that keeping connected doesn’t have to affect the bottom line.

High availability Bracer’s 100% BLOS capability keeps global teams connected, when constant communication is critical.

Superior security Bracer™ applies end-to-end encryption powered by QinetiQ and certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 3, ensuring team communications remain secure and information stays safe.

Instant C2 With Bracer™, you can configure global coverage in seconds, so that when time is of the essence, securing communication lines is simple. Putting the power to configure coverage in the hands of the user, Bracer™ allows instant handset reconfiguration over the air.

Third party integration Bracer™ is universally interoperable with a range of covert, discreet and overt audio ancillaries; allowing the user to choose the best radio to meet mission-specific tasks.

What missions can Bracer support?

Bracer™ can operate across a Primary, Alternate, Contingency, Emergency (PACE) communications plan and provides security and assurance where most defence organisations have limited to no solution.  It can support expeditionary and dislocated forces, wide area communications, crisis response, liaison tasks, enduring operations across the spectrum of military commitments, and training exercises. Example market areas where Bracer™ would be applicable include: defence, government agencies, coast guard, border forces, aid organisations, and emergency services.

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