The Importance of Airborne Connectivity

Featured stories - Publication date : 23 May 2019
The Importance of Airborne Connectivity

Caption: The opportunity and ability to enhance the connectivity of all your assets, whether on the ground, at sea or in the air, through a network of airborne assets

The modern day battlefield is a fast paced, joint domain with a heightened speed of battle that demands trusted communications and the ability to share assets. Whether air to air, ground or maritime; advanced airborne connectivity is critical to the safety and success of all military and government operations.

Without the ability to communicate effectively across networks, an aircraft’s role can be limited. With secure, high-data-rate communications solutions, aircraft can communicate effectively, ahead of any potential enemy, and can be used to its full effect. 

Our Network for the Sky solution for airborne connectivity 

Network for the Sky offers capability and flexibility for any mission, providing you with the opportunity to exploit air assets when mission dependant. Whether from the ground or at sea, all missions including ISR, Combat Ops, Humanitarian and Government, can replay critical information back to decision makers in a timely manner using Network for the Sky.

In a data-driven world Airbus is consistently delivering the security, interoperability and competitive advantage that armed forces require to utilise airborne, space and surface assets. Using Airbus’ breadth of expertise and latest digital innovations, the next generation of satcom solutions is being delivered. 

End-to-end secure connectivity:

  • Enables communications superiority
  • Heightens performance
  • Increases resilience and range
  • Generates seamless interoperability 
  • Enhances cybersecurity

Allowing Force’s to look, detect, plan, communicate, act and assess quicker than the enemy. Digital connectivity and communications gives a crucial competitive advantage, enhances situational awareness and makes it possible to coordinate a synchronised response. 

It is clear that the future of military aircraft is digital. Smart connectivity and the ability to share information in the moment, on a global scale, are vital. Airbus is committed to its vision of secure airborne connectivity and is demonstrating its Network for the Sky vision through a series of events this year. 

The next demonstration will show how Network for the Sky delivers secure, multi-megabit connectivity between mission participants in a highly flexible, seamless, real-time manner across countries.

Further details will be shared in our press room soon. 

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