Meet with Christina Menking, Sales Manager

Featured stories - Publication date : 03 November 2022
Meet with Christina Menking, Sales Manager

Christina Menking joined Airbus after graduating from her Master's Degree in International Political Economy in 2016. Today, she is working as a Sales Manager in Airbus Secure Communications. Hear from Christina as she tells us about her space and defence journey so far.

Professional path within Airbus 

 “I started my professional career in 2016 as an EU Policy Analyst at the Airbus Public Affairs Office in Brussels where I informed, explained and liaised with EU decision-makers on space, security and defence. After two years, I decided to increasingly focus on sales as a Business Growth Manager and Executive Assistant to the Head of Sales and Marketing of Connected Intelligence. Since 2021, I am now working as a campaign manager for Airbus Secure Communications in the DACH region which allows me to focus on the German, Austrian and Swiss market while always maintaining strong links with my international colleagues all over the world.”

Delivering connectivity to customers around the globe 

Although Christina does not have an engineering background, the space sector has always fascinated her. During her bachelor and master studies, she was also able to familiarize herself with international relations, security and defence policies. These insights, her passion for innovation and the strong support of her colleagues at Airbus helped her to quickly become acquainted with the space and defence markets during her first years in the company. Today, Christina is involved in different topics related to secure connectivity:

“As a Campaign Manager, I work, for example, on Aero Connectivity to ensure the continuous and uninterrupted communication between flying platforms. In this area, the Airbus Secure Communications portfolio includes products like Proteus - a secure and highly resilient modem technology which allows critical information to flow between different platforms – or solutions like Commflex Aero, a managed satellite connectivity solution for Government and Defence aircraft. In my job, I am also focusing on Multi Domain Smart Connectivity (MDSC) with the purpose of connecting different domains (space, air, maritime, land) for information superiority in military operations.”

People at the core of the business

“At Airbus, we all have the aspiration to be passionate about our job and to understand and answer our customer’s needs. Personally, I am really enjoying the regular exchanges with the customers as well as with my colleagues from different functions – being it engineering, finance, marketing, programs – all over the world”.

What Christina finds particularly exciting is the diversity: The diversity of the portfolio which is very innovative and provides many opportunities to address different kinds of challenges related to connectivity. The diversity of her job which is different every single day. And the diversity of the people she works with which all have very different backgrounds but share the same open-mindedness and passion which drives us altogether as one team.

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