Space Symposium: pioneering the future communication systems

Featured stories - Publication date : 18 August 2021
Space Symposium: pioneering the future communication systems

We are pleased to be attending the annual Space Symposium event taking place in Colorado, USA on August 23rd to 26th where we will be showcasing our capabilities including high-volume data transfer via laser communications and resilient, through rotor blade communications.

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High-volume data transfer via ultra-broadband laser communications 

SpaceDataHighway is the world’s first operational optical laser communication system. Owned and operated by Airbus, SpaceDataHighway is a game changer in the speed of space communications and uses cutting-edge laser technology and satellites in geostationary Earth orbit to deliver secure data ( imagery, voice and video) transfer services in real time at a rate of up to 1.8 Gbit/s.

In the first five years of routine operations, the system has achieved the milestone of 50,000 successful laser connections to date for the first customer – the European Union’s Earth Observation Copernicus programme. Airbus is now expanding the systems utilization with new SpaceDataHighway services such as providing enhanced services to Pléiades Neo – Airbus’ most advanced optical Earth Observation constellation with near real time data delivery and rapid tasking capabilities to optimise mission reactivity.

From later this year, the system will also relay information from the Columbus module of the International Space Station (ISS) via the Columbus Ka-band (ColKa) service, bringing enormous benefits to astronauts and also scientists and researchers by enabling them to progress vital research faster.

Resilient, through rotor blade communications

Proteus Unity is a dual use modem that addresses the need for resilience and security in the satellite communications world. Whether on the ground, at sea or in air, fixed wing or rotors, Proteus Unity connects assets and mixed network of users in all environments, however fast they are moving.

Enabling satellite communications capability in both ground benign and comms-on-the-move environments, Proteus Unity uses a hybrid of DSSS and FHSS to provide resilience to accidental and deliberate interference and maintains communication through helicopter rotor blades. This advanced Software-Defined Radio (SDR) system delivers resilient, safe, secure IP communications on all commonly used frequency bands across land, naval and airborne platforms.

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