Secure SatCom – a key enabler for EU CSDP missions and operations

Featured stories - Publication date : 05 May 2022
Secure SatCom – a key enabler for EU CSDP missions and operations

There is an ever increasing importance in the provision of ubiquitous and seamless command, control and communication for EU CSDP missions and operations. In recent years, many space programs and initiatives have been launched by different European institutions to develop and re-enforce the use of SatCom solutions. . Transmission of data keeps increasing and frequencies have to be aligned with connectivity to support missions and operations. Satcom, and specifically secure SatCom, can offer unrivalled benefits to European.

For years, Airbus has been delivering  SatCom with a mix of military and commercial solutions, all focus on security and resilience.

In March, Olivier Hauw, General Manager for Connectivity Technology participated to a webinar to discuss  the key enablers for EU Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP)  missions and operations.

Years of experience and contribution to EU CSDP missions and operations

In Europe, industry brings its own added value and expertise to support armed forces missions and operations.

With an experience of 40 years, we, Airbus support our customers with secure communications systems, solutions and services by developing and combining comprehensive and resilient satellite communications bandwidth, network capability and cloud services and solutions. By delivering both systems and services, we are able to develop end-to-end approaches.

As a trusted partner of armed forces and governments, Airbus provides a diverse portfolio from satellite communications to network operations in the battlespace. We meet our customers’ demands on information superiority, accuracy and speed either in space, in the air, on land or at sea.

A diverse portfolio available for EU CSDP missions and operations

For EU CDSP missions, we cover two main frequency in our solutions: UHF and X/Ka.

Our Next UHF solution, which is a UHF (Ultra High Frequency) military communications hosted payload on board the EUTELSAT 36D telecommunications satellite. As the UHF frequency band is an increasinglyscarce orbital resource, this offering will make up for the capacity shortage around the world.

The second frequency is found on our Syracuse IV program, which covers X and Mil-Ka services. Syracuse IV is a telecommunication system consisting of two military satellites, Syracuse 4A and 4B, plus ground stations to ensure communications in the operational areas and with mainland France. These new-generation satellites will be the first to offer a completely flexible reconfiguration of the X‑ and Ka-band military payload as well as the means of protection and hardening against cyber, jamming, intercept and EMP-type threats.

We also have several projects supporting the EU from the Eu Satcom Market to the more recent, Quantum solution, EuroQCI.

To know more about our contribution to EU CSDP missions and operations, you can watch the replay of the webinar organised by Euroconsult below.

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