Resilient, secure, through rotor communications

Featured stories - Publication date : 26 July 2021
Resilient, secure, through rotor communications

Whether on the ground, at sea or in the air, fixed wing or rotor, it is critical assets and users are connected at all times, in all environments, adapting to and maintaining reliable and efficient communications in all scenarios.

Many of the environments both military and commercial users operate in can be subject to interference, whether intentional or otherwise. In order to address the need for resilience and security in the satellite communications world, a number of factors must be taken into consideration.

Through rotor communications

Rotor blades create a significant problem for helicopter wideband satellite communications.  High data rate communications through rotor transmissions have been an ongoing problem in the aeronautical world, causing degradation of signal and loss of data. This has long been the barrier to boosting the mission data exchange and enabling wideband satellite communications on rotary winged assets.

SatCom interference 

Intentional interference, or jamming, has long been a problem for military and governmental users and can cause a huge impact on operational advantage. Whether intentional or otherwise, interference of satellite communications can have fundamental implications to not only the operation, but the personnel involved.

Proteus Unity

Our latest whitepaper ‘Proteus Unity – Resilient, safe, secure communications’ addresses the need for resilience and security in both military and commercial domains. Describing the system concept and design philosophy behind Airbus’ Proteus Unity Modem System, this whitepaper addresses and provides answers to the needs of security and flexibility for the modern world.

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