Network for the Sky considers the connectivity challenges during COVID-19 crisis

Featured stories - Publication date : 22 May 2020
Network for the Sky considers the connectivity challenges during COVID-19 crisis

This current situation highlights the importance of having secure, robust communications in our lives. We rely on it every day, now more than ever. Whether working from home, or the defence communications we provide to our customers, it defines the significance of delivering the mission critical, efficient and effective communication solutions that Network for the Sky provides.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we have made extra effort to maintain healthy customer relationships, even when we are unable to meet in person, taking a pragmatic approach to remain available and in contact. Developments in Airborne capabilities continue, with resilience and security at the heart of what Network for the Sky delivers.

Demonstrating airborne capability enhancements

Our mantra “Seeing is believing” remains the same. It’s important to demonstrate how new Airbus technologies can help our customers achieve their vision. The team have been striving to create exciting developments which enhance airborne communications node capabilities. The ability to use airborne assets as communication nodes within the network significantly increases operational flexibility and situational awareness during a mission. The addition of airborne nodes increases the opportunity to connect and extends the range of the satellite link. Data links management advancements and enhanced network resiliency are things to look out for.

Mission critical communications systems for UAVs

Following the LTE customer demonstration carried out last summer, our team in Élancourt, France have been developing an option for smaller UAV’s. With a reduced SWaP (Size Weight and Power) and additional features, this evolution transforms a UAV into an LTE ad-hoc network provider.

Modern connectivity solutions are an integral part of UAV design and build. Network for the Sky solutions deliver the mission critical communications allowing these aircraft to be used to their full potential, safely and securely, whatever the environment.

Airbus Secure Communications support during the COVID-19 crisis

Secure Communications is proud to be part of the amazing work Airbus is doing to support the crisis. Such as the re-roled MRTT flight test aircraft sent to deliver essential PPE throughout Europe we reflect on the value of connectivity for multi-role transporter tanker (MRTT) aircraft. The ‘privileged’ mission location, role versatility and aircraft size bring an opportunity to integrate advanced communications capabilities as a key enabler in the connected battlespace.

Keeping connected and engaged

Like all of us, we’ve been challenged to adapt and we’ve proven our strength as a team, with spirits remaining high. Finding new and innovative ways to collaborate and to work as normally as possible, taking advantage of modern communications to work seamlessly and effectively.

Look out for COMMFLEX® Aero: End to end managed connectivity solution

Our COMMFLEX® Aero solution launched earlier this year delivers advanced communications capabilities to defence and government air platforms. Look out for further updates on how it supports MRTT, UAV and Helicopter solutions.

We wish our customers and partners best wishes throughout this very difficult period! 

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