INFO/EFRA: Partnering to build the future innovative battlespace

Featured stories - Publication date : 25 May 2021
INFO/EFRA: Partnering to build the future innovative battlespace

The INFO/EFRA Conference 2021 will be taking place virtually this year, and with a focus on future ambitions for the Armed Forces and cooperation with industry, we’re pleased to take part in the event.

Bridging the gap between mission needs and future solutions 

The main focus of this year’s event is to discuss the future intentions and ambitions for cooperation between the Armed Forces and industry and how it plans to facilitate increased innovation, technology development and cooperation.

When speaking of the event Jostein Olsen, Head of Business NATO and Nordic at Airbus Defence and Space said: “Innovation, technology development and industry cooperation are at the heart of the Norwegian Armed Forces for both today and the future.

“Today’s threat picture requires new expertise, technologies, and solutions to achieve information superiority and increased innovative power. To meet the needs of tomorrow, we’re striving for a more integrated, digitalised, collaborative, and agile operational environment across all domains.

“Together with industry, the Armed Forces can bridge the gap between mission needs and future solutions, enabling faster decision making, information and intelligence distribution, optimised mission planning and a stronger total defence”.

Multi-Domain Combat Cloud: collaborative combat across all domains

One of the most critical challenges faced in a congested and contested battlefield is the ability to connect and securely communicate across all domains.

“To ensure technological and defence dominance in all domains, military organisations must accelerate their operational tempo by sharing the right information, at the right time, in the right place across space, cyber, land, sea and air” said Stein Rune Hognes, Business Development Manager at Airbus Secure Communications.

“The amount of information worldwide has never been greater than it is today, and continues to increase at an exponential rate. It is more important than ever to maximise the agility of operations by securely merging data from various sources and turning that data into actionable information thanks to Artificial Intelligence” he continued.

Enabling seamless collaboration, the Multi-Domain Combat Cloud (MDCC) will provide common situational awareness through instantaneous capturing, sharing, merging and processing of massive amounts of data from connected manned and unmanned assets. By supplying predictive intelligence and assisted decision making, MDCC enables mission planning, re-planning and cooperation within and across all domains.

Find out how together with Airbus, you can build dominance and vision across the battlespace; download the Multi-Domain Combat Cloud Datasheet or get in contact today.

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