Global MilSatCom: discussing the future of resilient satellite communications

Featured stories - Publication date : 05 November 2020
Global MilSatCom: discussing the future of resilient satellite communications

As Global Milsatcom has turned this week into a virtual conference, we are pleased to take part in it to discuss the importance of resilient communication capabilities, trusted, end-to-end satcom services and solutions and Combat Cloud technologies for today’s battlespace.

Supporting future integrated operations

It is important to be discussing the role industry needs to play to achieve the UK MOD transition to the Integrated Operating Concept through new and innovative space technologies.

As our customers face today new threats, now is the time for industry to break down silos, architect the whole battlespace, secure data and ultimately, enable the timely delivery of intelligence wherever required. 

Combat Cloud expanding operational capabilities

Decisional superiority is essential in today’s battlespace. Turning data into actionable information for rotary wing aircraft is one of the points that Steve Napier addresses as he explains how providing communications users with resilience can be both expensive and complex.

Enabling satellite communications capability in both ground benign and comms-on-the-move environments, Ian Hall explains, as part of a technology webinar,  how using a hybrid of DSSS and FHSS, Airbus’ Proteus modem technology provides resilience to accidental and deliberate interference and maintains communication through helicopter rotor blades.

Download the full white paper from the document section on this page to understand how Airbus provides resilient, safe and secure communications.

Australia: growing a sovereign space nation

Building multi-layer, multi-mission meshed architecture is key to developing and maintaining sovereignty. Airbus is looking to substantially increase sovereign industrial space and defence capability in Australia through its bid to deliver sovereign military satellite communication capability for Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region.

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