European Militaries and Civil Security during COVID-19 pandemic

Featured stories - Publication date : 26 June 2020
European Militaries and Civil Security during COVID-19 pandemic

Even during these unprecedented times, our worldwide Networks Operations Centres continue to provide reliable communication systems to our customers anywhere, anytime, better equipping them during this national crisis, and keeping them in touch with their loved ones.

Our Network Operations Centre in Toulouse is managing the communication systems of the French military, European Defence Agencyand French Civil Safety Authority, to ensure continuous, secure communications during their missions. It is the facility that provides support and maintenance for the Data Blue Light Mobile service dedicated to the emergency and security services in Belgium. The management of ASTRID, the telecom operator dedicated to the emergency and security services in Belgium has said “The services of ASTRID, the Belgian network dedicated to the emergency and security services, were guaranteed during the Coronavirus crisis, thanks to the efforts of the ASTRID collaborators and those of our partners”. Our Toulouse sitealso supports the welfare and morale connection between German soldiers on field, and their family, enabling them to keep in contact with their loved ones whilst on deployment. The facility covers approximately 1000 square metres and is home to 9 of our satellite anchor stations.

Despite the current social-distancing restrictions in place within France, our Network Operations Centre (NOC) in Toulouse has continued to provide a full level of service to our customers by optimising the working environment of our IT, network and RF experts.

Our team is also providing complementary on-site support at our customers facilities, through the alignment of shift patterns with the dedicated organisations set up by the French Army facing the pandemic.

Bruno Capitant, responsible for the Secure Communications business in Europe, Middle-East and Africa said: “It’s in times like these that secure, reliable communications are vital in not only maintaining military services, but in keeping military personnel on deployment in contact with their loved ones at home.

“It is our responsibility to provide our customers with continuous reliable services to ensure they remain fully equipped during these challenging times whilst protecting the health of our employees”.

In order to maintain fully operational throughout the pandemic, our Network Operations teams have implemented split working groups, with strict respect of social distancing and some staff performing home working to further improve our resilience. To support this change in environment, employees have been equipped with the technology and facilities needed to support our customers and in some areas, monitor services from home in full respect of security constraints.

Through these methods, we have been able to reduce the number of employees present on-site, whilst maintaining full operation and provision of the mobile satellite services for our customers.

Bruno continued: “It’s great to see how quickly the teams have adapted to these changing environments and the dedication they have in supporting our customers”.

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