EU SatCom market, putting customer satisfaction at the centre of everything

Featured stories - Publication date : 09 December 2020
EU SatCom market, putting customer satisfaction at the centre of everything

We always try to improve our user experience through our quality of service. For this purpose, we sent out a survey to all the contributing members of the European Defence Agency’s (EDA) EU SatCom Market project .

Each year, Airbus and EDA use this short survey to gain valuable insight into user opinions on EU SatCom Market SatCom topics including working relationship, service delivery and service desk. For the first time, this year’s survey also features a question on future needs and requirements.

About EU SatCom Market

As a part of the EU SatCom Market project, Airbus delivers SatCom services which allow European Union member states, EU military and civilian mission as well as EU bodies to centralise their satellite communications requirements and obtain coordinated and effective access to these services.

The contract covers the provision of satellite communications (in C, Ku, Ka and L frequency bands), the sale and rental of terminals, as well as the provision of ‘turnkey solutions’, particularly in theatres of operations outside of the EU. For this contract, Airbus has teamed up with Marlink, which supply some terminals and specific L- and Ku-band services.

The satellite communications solutions provided through this contract can be deployed worldwide. They play an essential role in European defence and security operations, as well as in technical and economic development and cooperation missions. This is already the case in for EU member states and several EU civilian and military missions and operations where EU SatCom Market services have been successfully implemented for several years.

Airbus and EDA Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020

With strong support from EDA, particularly Project Officer Jan Floderström, the survey is circulated to the contributing members of SatCom services with a high yearly response rate..

Even under the very special circumstances of 2020, the collaborative approach between Airbus and EDA plus the implementation of regular feedback and action planning has ensured that the EU SatCom Customer Satisfaction survey continues to provide strong scores each year.

“Customer support is always done with great attention and there is always a great commitment to the requests made by the customer.” said one of our contributors.

We want the best for customer and their constructive feedback has been taken into account to improve the offered services and as well as the support, to receive an even higher satisfaction score on the questionnaire next year.  

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