Elancourt HUB - Paving the future for French Sovereign SatCom Capability

Featured stories - Publication date : 14 June 2021
Elancourt HUB - Paving the future for French Sovereign SatCom Capability

With leading expertise in SatCom Aero Platform Integration, we take a look at our Capability HUB at our French Site Elancourt, where our experts are ensuring our Sovereign SatCom capability delivers on the essential, and future proof requirements demanded by our customers.

SatCom Aero Platform Integration 

Airbus Secure Communications maintains a rich history of knowledge and expertise in delivering SatCom Aero platform integration.  Providing complete end to end communication capabilities to defence and government air platforms.

With SatCom hardware available in a range of options to suit all aircraft types, fully adaptable to cover a variety of missions, ranging from command and control, ISR, boarder / maritime surveillance, Head of State and Police / Civil Government. Our proven solutions are flying on aircraft today, providing robust connectivity, and making optimal use of satellite resources.

Airborne SatCom Capability HUB in Elancourt

At our Elancourt Site in the Île-de-France region of north-central France, a SatCom Capability HUB has been developed to further strengthen our French sovereign capability offer.  With a huge background on working for the Harfang UAV Satcom system, our team is now preparing for the next generation SatCom system integration lab, including our Janus antenna family.

Airbus experts are committed to ensuring our customers receive high performance satellite technology that is not only equipped for the job, but also is easy to use and fully versatile.

Janus Aero Antenna

Janus Aero is a compact, low weight, dual band, high throughput Antenna. The ideal solution for several types of Mission Patrol applications. Easy to manufacture, it can be easily customized to fit into multiple aircraft types.

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