Command and control tracking system successfully delivered to NATO Mission in Kosovo

Featured stories - Publication date : 15 September 2020
Command and control tracking system successfully delivered to NATO Mission in Kosovo

Airbus Secure Communications has successfully delivered a command and control tracking system for NATO Mission, Kosovo Force (KFOR) on behalf of NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency.

The Kosovo Force Tracking System (KFTS) provides near real-time awareness of the Kosovo Forces’ ground-force elements, a mission essential capability.  Available from a tablet-based vehicle kit, this system will facilitate communication and position viewing between headquarters and up to 300 vehicles.

Through the transmission of information via the NATO TETRAPOL network or by satellite, KFTS shows Commanders and Operators at the Joint Operations Centre (JOC) in Pristina Man Headquarters the current operational picture. It provides those at the JOC with position tracking of friendly troops, positions viewed by the different command levels, and also includes the capability to exchange messages.

Working in partnership with Airbus Intelligence, Fortion® Tactical C2, an integrated operations and information system, now replaces the old Airbus IMP@CT application delivered in 2005, offering Blue Force Tracking and messaging solutions. More than 300 licences will be deployed at Pristina Man Headquarters in fixed units and vehicles for peace-keeping missions. New hardware has also been installed as well as an update to the server to ensure the continuity of the mission. Also included in the project is the delivery of BGAN terminals and equipment in line with INMARSAT kits retrofit.

Renan Perie Pinos, Project Manager for KFTS said: “The Kosovo Force Tracking System will enhance the situational awareness capabilities of NATO missions, providing them with near real-time positioning of troops and enhanced messaging solutions. It is a great achievement to have delivered KFTS to the Kosovo Force and NCI Agency; we are proud to deliver this solution to NATO and to be able to enhance their mission capabilities going forward”.

All construction, integration, configuration and testing platforms have now been completed; training for the new system is ongoing.

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