Celebrating our Armed Forces

Featured stories - Publication date : 24 June 2020
Celebrating our Armed Forces

Armed Forces Day is our opportunity to show support for the men and women who make up the Armed Forces Community; from currently serving troops to Service families, veterans and cadets.

Here at Airbus Secure Communications, supporting the Armed Forces is at the very heart of what we do and we recognise and appreciate the invaluable contribution they make in service of their country. We are proud to work in partnership with the Armed Forces Covenant and are committed to supporting military personnel and their families across the UK.

Hear from some of our Reservists and Veterans below as they talk about their time in service and the transition to civilian life.

Steve Napier - Major - Head of Sales, Network for the Sky

“I signed up to the British Army’s Parachute Regiment with the intention of only serving three years but 20 years later I found myself still serving and even after leaving in 2012, it wasn’t before long that I re-joined as a Reserve.

Over the years, my role within the Army has changed significantly and I have been lucky enough to train all over the world and lead some of the UK’s most elite soldiers. With each deployment, job and training came countless opportunities, achievements and the chance to experience different parts of the world.

Working as part of a close knit, high performing team was extremely rewarding and taught me numerous transferable skills that I still use today. From being able to listen to, analyse and devise plans, trusting those in my team, being approachable at all times and to not shy away from making a decision –the skills and knowledge learnt in the Army have helped me in my role here at Airbus. Coming from the end user community and having an awareness of what happens on the front line is extremely useful when it comes to understanding the customer and devising concepts and solutions tailored to their needs.

I am proud to be part of the Airbus family and to develop capabilities that allow our military personnel to do their job whilst helping to keep them safe and further away from harm”.

Lucinda Williams - Warfare Officer (Ret) - Head of Transverse Solutions and Products

“There was so much I enjoyed during my time as a Warfare Officer in the Royal Navy; the excitement of sailing on a deployment, the range of places I visited, and the variety of activities we supported; everything was challenging but yet very exciting!

The camaraderie on board ship when you’re deployed away from home is a real reflection of ‘We Are One’. Even from day one, in the initial training, everyone pulled together to support one another and I’ve felt the same here during my time at Airbus. I’ve been a military spouse for 23 years; my husband is in the Royal Navy and has been deployed on numerous international operations, from 5 to 10 months at a time. These periods are always hard on me and our children, but my managers and colleagues at Airbus have always been very supportive of both flexible working and my family’s well-being.

No two days were the same in the Royal Navy and each deployment brought its own achievements. The range of challenges and opportunities I experienced within my short naval career really was incredible and I’m glad that my longer Airbus career has been equally as a diverse”.

Kevin Barker - Warrant Officer (Ret) - VSAT Maintenance Engineer


“I spent 36 years and 218 days in the Royal Air Force and by the time I left I had seen more of the world than I ever thought was possible. Every day is a school day no matter what career path you choose, but in the Armed Forces, I really did learn something new every day. One of the great things about being in the Armed Forces is the flexibility and encouragement to take on new roles.

Whilst I was in the Air Force I had the opportunity to volunteer to be a Military Service Steward at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships, completing 22 years, finishing the last three as the Executive Warrant Officer. Armed Forces day means a lot to me, and a great achievement of mine was representing all the Armed Forces at the remembrance session at Wimbledon, four years in a row - a memory I will cherish for many years to come.

I’ve learnt that no matter what career path you choose, humour is key – this was definitely true of my time in the forces and still is today. Being in the Armed Forces gives you a different perspective on life and you learn to keep smiling”.

Kim Hallett - Logistics - Head of Infrastructure

“I joined the Royal Air Force on the Youth Training Scheme at 16 years old and went on to serve 14 years in Logistics. In that time I was very lucky to have experienced so many different opportunities; the sports were fantastic in the RAF and I represented my station at 100m relay, 200m and volleyball. I also played the tenor horn in the RAF St Athan marching band where we played many wonderful events; my personal favourite was playing as part of a quartet for Princess Anne.

I left the RAF in 2001 and later joined Airbus in 2008 as the Network Support Engineer supporting the Naval Maritime Fleet. In infrastructure we support the training, technical maintenance and support, logistics and many other elements of service support on the Skynet project. We work very closely with the military, providing technical support for services on land and at sea. I really enjoy working with the military again and I feel that my time spent in the RAF has helped me to understand the needs of the customer.

The Armed Forces isn’t just a job or a trade, it’s a lifestyle and community and one I’m very proud to be a part of”.

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