Airbus’ innovation addresses mission communication challenges of today and the future

Featured stories - Publication date : 05 April 2022
Airbus’ innovation addresses mission communication challenges of today and the future

The demand for data and information is a prominent challenge our customers are facing.  The Multi-Domain communication landscape requires an improved availability of a secure, resilient communications architecture to deliver data being collected across multiple sources, with an expectation for faster analysis and decision making.

Elevating your journey to secure, multi-domain mission communications

To solve the challenges and demands face by our military and government customers, Airbus have developed the next step in our sequence of smart connectivity demonstrations since demonstrating capability on an A310 Aircraft  forming a part of our innovation and discovery environment.

Elevate is an air-centric demonstration which explores the battlespace communications challenges of today. It delivers tangible solutions to the challenges and provides real operational benefits. Through this innovative approach, Airbus provides a strong foundation to support our customers in their capability development journey.

What’s in Elevate, the air-centric demonstration

Through the integration of new and existing technologies including resilient modems, smart network management and deployed communications nodes we have focused on delivering communications resilience, security, performance, interoperability and deployability.  A non-combatant evacuation operation provides the scenario for the Elevate demonstration and through this we reveal how smarter connectivity can ensure the right information gets to the right decision makers at the right time, unlocking the benefits of information advantage for more informed faster decision making.

Operational Benefits to enhance mission performances

The Elevate approach leads to advantages and benefits relevant to numerous mission types. Time critical medical and rescue missions benefit through enhanced performance and deployability, leading to lives being saved. Land forces are enabled through real-time sharing of detailed situational awareness to remote locations.  ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) missions delivering real-time situational awareness benefit from more resilience to degraded communications links and more efficient use of transmission and analysis resources.

Multi Domain Smart Connectivity supporting the Combat Cloud

Airbus’ multi-domain smart connectivity is about enhancing defence power through information superiority. The technologies that form Elevate fully support the Multi-Domain Combat Cloud vision and collaboration demands of the future that our military and government customers face to keep ahead of their adversaries. 

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