Airbus, Fujitsu and Thales in the UK team up for the British Army’s future tactical communication programme

Press releases - Publication date : 09 March 2021
Airbus, Fujitsu and Thales in the UK team up for the British Army’s future tactical communication programme

London, 9 March 2021 - Airbus, Fujitsu and Thales UK have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to work collaboratively on the upcoming Systems Integrator (SI) opportunity for the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), Land Environment Tactical Communications and Information Systems programme – known as LE TacCIS.

Following the signature of the MOU, the partners have formed team ICELUS led by Airbus that will bring together a trusted collective of MOD strategic partners who have a unique breadth of expertise of defence communications networks. ICELUS will offer pioneering change through a coherent systems integration approach to ultimately deliver operational effectiveness and information advantage to the end user, whilst sustaining a UK centric, defence industrial base. The three partners will be able to jointly explore how their respective unique expertise and solutions can be combined in order to put forward the best-possible proposals with regard to capabilities and competitiveness for this major programme.

ICELUS will focus on the upcoming LE TacCIS System Integrator (SI) opportunity to lead on the design and integration of the products & services for applications, infrastructures and networks. The LE TacCIS System Integrator is expected to be contracted by 2023/2024.

The LE TacCIS programme consists of multiple sub-programmes and projects with the aim to deliver the next generation of tactical military communications in the land environment, providing the means to make informed and timely decisions enabled by agile Communication Information Systems (CIS).

LE TacCIS is designed to be resilient, working securely in a congested and contested cyber battlespace. It will degrade gracefully and recover when attacked, continuing to provide essential Command and Control (C2) services and capabilities. It will integrate with other systems to allow the quick and easy sharing of information between platforms and weapon systems, delivering full-spectrum, multi-domain effects.

In contrast to the current system’s single source prime supplier model, elements of the LE TacCIS programme will be competed from industry who will be incentivised to deliver increased system agility, capability and value for money.

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