Airbus and AnsuR partner to tackle visual information transfer challenges

Featured stories - Publication date : 08 December 2021
Airbus and AnsuR partner to tackle visual information transfer challenges

High quality visual data is a key factor to enable timely and effective decisions in any critical situation.

A strategic partnership to deliver efficient visual information in bandwidth challenged environments

Airbus is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with AnsuR Technologies AS (AnsuR) to deliver efficient, real-time streaming video and cost-effective transfer of imagery and video clips in bandwidth challenged environments.

With a history of working with Airbus, AnsuR won the Airbus CriticalApp Challenge in 2019 and have since become a part of the Tactilon Dabat app catalogue.

Bringing together Airbus’ diverse portfolio of satellite communication solutions and AnsuR’s extensive catalogue of software solutions (ASIGN and ASMIRA capabilities) for the transmission of images and videos, the partnership will provide customers with reliable communications and visual situational awareness.

“High quality visual data is a key factor to enable timely and effective decisions in any critical situation. Together with AnsuR, we bring our customers a complete, robust and intuitive communication solution during a time when image-based data is increasingly necessary for quick response and accurate decision making. This partnership enables us to provide a strong, reliable, end-to-end solution that addresses customer needs and future requirements”, Grégoire Asse, Product Manager  

Mission critical photo and video communication over satellite and networks anytime, anywhere

Serving both Defence and security environments, the joint solution will provide end users with image transmission between the field and decision makers through the use of communication networks such as Mobile Satellite Services (MSS). It will provide high definition geospatial imagery and video communications using the lowest capacity enabling the end users to:

  • Transmit visual information in discreet mode
  • Send images between a transmitter and receiver from several thousand kilometers
  • Exchange information from different networks of communication

Reliable and comprehensive communication solutions for efficient decision making

The solution will provide the end customer with:

  • Information transmission, compatible with a range of smartphones, computers and tablets
  • Adaptation to a range of communication networks including: radio, 4G / 5G, LTE, and satellite networks such as MSS and FSS
  • Two modes of operation:
    • Customer-server, hosted by Airbus
    • Hosted by customer infrastructures
  • Ability to operate on private and secure network
  • Compatibility with many analog and digital camera sensors
  • Intuitive and easy to use system

Providing additional capability to Airbus aero SatCom managed services 

Through this partnership with AnsuR, Airbus is enhancing the COMMFLEX Aero portfolio of managed SatCom services which deliver advanced end-to-end communication capabilities to Defence and Government air platforms. Offered as a modular capability, tailored packages can be built from a portfolio of managed bandwidth services and advanced aero systems to suit any mission requirement.

With COMMFLEX Aero and AnsuR, Airbus can provide a managed SatCom solution for airborne platforms which operate in challenged communication environments where bandwidth availability is scarce but still require high quality, timely situational awareness.

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