Airbus advances MILSATCOM capability through collaboration with e2E Group

Press releases - Publication date : 08 September 2022
Airbus advances MILSATCOM capability through collaboration with e2E Group

Stevenage, 8 September 2022 – Airbus Defence & Space UK has signed a contract with the independent UK satellite design, engineering and consultancy SME Company, e2E Group, to further advance its end-to-end military satellite communication services.

In May 2022, Airbus initiated a dedicated programme of work with e2E to conduct an independent assessment of the UK’s evolving MILSATCOM requirements through identifying and assessing future operational use cases in order to pre-empt and resolve emergent technical challenges.

The collaboration is central to Airbus’ commitment to leveraging local SME engineering expertise in specialist UK systems to directly support the development approach for the future evolution of the Skynet MILSATCOM Capability.

“We are firmly committed to supporting the MOD’s future evolution of Skynet Capability, and we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Airbus Defence and Space UK. We are looking forward to providing dedicated UK critical systems engineering and thinking to help define how new space technology will be operationally employed as part of a sovereign, and assured beyond line of site, end-to-end network”, said Barry Ross, e2E Group CEO.

Richard Franklin, UK Managing Director, Airbus Defence and Space, added: “This collaboration is the latest milestone in our close relationship with the UK’s MILSATCOM programme. We are delighted to continue broadening and deepening our relationships with UK partners to support multi-domain integration of solutions and deliver technological capital and social value across the country. We look forward to working with e2E to advance the UK’s MILSATCOM capabilities and demonstrate the value of our joint end-to-end proposition to the MOD.”

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