AFCEA 2022: A Successful Event with more than 3,000 visitors

Featured stories - Publication date : 28 July 2022
AFCEA 2022: A Successful Event with more than 3,000 visitors

It was noticeable that after a long Covid break, many visitors and exhibitors were again looking for an exchange with each other and that digital events cannot easily replace physical events.

Official figures of the AFCEA Bonn eV say that a total of about 3,700 people visited the exhibition (including exhibitors and visitors). This makes AFCEA 2022 the most successful one compared to the last 5 years.

Airbus Secure Communications focused on the topic of connectivity at this year's AFCEA. In particular, end-to-end connectivity for flying platforms was one of the main topics.

The demonstrator from Secure Communications and Airbus Helicopters simulated communication through rotor blades. Beyond the line of sight, the prevailing concern in aviation is to enable high data rate communications despite the obstruction of rotor blades and propellers. As rotor blades rotate, they interrupt and thereby block the communication path, which can lead to signal quality degradation and data loss. At the same time, communications jamming - whether intentional or unintentional - has long been a challenge for military and government users, which can have a significant impact on missions.

To enable secure satellite communications through rotor blades, Airbus has developed a modem that is resistant to jamming and interference. This Proteus Unity modem system is designed to adapt to and bypass any potential interference that could block your mission critical communications. As a result, it delivers robust, secure IP communications through rotor blades in the air.

Read more about Airbus' Proteus modem here.

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