Transforming Emergency Services communication capabilities

Communication capability underpins the delivery of current and emerging services and is continuously evolving and revolutionising. In order to refine and modernise essential public and emergency services, technology transformation is key.

Lee Woodland, Product Manager at Airbus Secure Communications, has spent over 20 years working in commercial Fixed and Mobile Telecoms. Now the lead product manager for Tactical Wireless communications, he has led the development of Everus, a 4G Tactical Cellular communications node. Hear from Lee as he discusses the Digital Transformation of communications within Emergency Services and the digital tools and technology needed for a more flexible and responsive community.

Critical communications for Emergency Services

Assuring optimal performance of mission-critical communications is vital for Emergency Services. As we move into a more digital-led environment it is important to ensure emergency services communications are robust and resilient and use the latest technology to enable inter-working across boundaries and departments.

Front-line responders, including police, fire and rescue and ambulance services depend on communications services; this capability, or in some cases, lack of, can result in the difference between life and death for members of the public and the responders themselves. It is critical front-line responders are equipped with continuous wide ranging communications and data capabilities that incorporate resilient security measures and technical assurance.

In remote areas, at times of network congestion or when disaster strikes and coverage is destroyed or insufficient, satellite communication provides the reliability and reach needed to connect frontline responders. Through the implementation of a mobile communications network with extensive coverage, high resilience, appropriate security and public safety functionality, Emergency Services are able to collaborate in the field, exchange information and coordinate an effective response even in the most challenging circumstances.

Technology and communication transformation 

Our digital operations team are driving the way forward for technology transformation and are providing the core global connectivity services to support our home countries. Our expertise in building and providing secure, robust communication capabilities and support services ensures that you are always connected to a resilient, reliable network when you need it most.

LTE/5G portable solutions – man portable and vehicle portable solutions designed for use in incident or disaster response where a fixed network service is not available, allowing you to be connected anywhere, anytime. Our solution enables high performance local mobility, operating off a smartphone, tablet or computer, holding the ability to onward connect to a home base via SatCom or commercial cellular.

SatCom – portable on the move SatCom Solution equips you with resilient, safe and secure connectivity at all times, in all situations, from headquarters to on-the-ground responders.

Network Sensing and Orchestration – enables you to make the best use of available network resources, automatically and dynamically sensing the performance of network lines and re-routing traffic to preserve your critical services.

Tactical Routing - equipping you with the ability to very quickly and automatically re-route or re-select bearers based on prevailing conditions. Suitable for use in a mobile vehicle environment where links and performance of links change rapidly, Tactical Routing keeps your services connected wherever, whenever.

Cloud Computing – deploys IT services quickly and effectively to support incidents in any location, whilst not being fully dependant on a core network cloud.

Communication and network solution - Design, build and operation of service architecture including; end-to-end network services, computer network defence, integration of communication functions, operational security services and service continuity and disaster recovery, to ensure 24/7 high-performance of your network and communications

Our unparalleled range of solutions is at the heart of life-saving recovery and response operations across the globe. Get in touch today to find out how together we can build communication solutions that keep you connected when you need it most.