Commercial Satellite Communications in the Military domain

Military usage of commercial-based communication systems has been an ongoing debate for many years. While governmental and military users are looking to Commercial Satellite Communications as a solution to their connectivity needs, it must come with an absolute guarantee for communications connectivity and security.

Following on from the 1st article on ‘The Evolution of Commercial Satellite Communications’, Sarah Casenove, Head of SatCom Services Solutions discusses how Commercial Satellite Communications are forming part of the future eco-system of military SatCom.

Military usage of Commercial Satellite Communications

Whilst the move to Commercial Satellite Communications (SatCom) could provide military users with the opportunity to fill a growing need for increased bandwidth and resources, it must come with an absolute guarantee for communication connectivity and security.

The basic requirement for military users is connection to and dependency on a communication network at all times, which inevitably takes priority over the means of connectivity. Regardless of the environment, location or time, military and national security users need continuous access to secure communications and the ability to move and share data seamlessly whether on land, at sea or in air.

Typically, military satellite communication programmes are fully-funded by Governments, however, they are increasingly augmented with Commercial SatCom services. The SatCom market landscape is changing so quickly that it is extremely important for militaries to maintain flexibility; remaining agnostic enables communication services to constantly adapt and stay ahead of the game.

The future of satellite bandwidth for the military domain

Airbus is a world leader in satellite communications having delivered, maintained and provided communications services for military and defence users for over 40 years. Our portfolio of services, from mission-specific solutions based on usage needs, to the creation of complete end-to-end systems, to support for full operational capability, are designed with the end-user in mind.

As one of the largest independent Commercial SatCom aggregators, Airbus has access to established relationships and buying power with the best commercial providers, as well as the tools, approaches and processes needed to monitor, manage and allocate the most appropriate commercial bandwidth for your requirements.

The EU SatCom Market is a framework contract with the European Defence Agency (EDA) that covers the provision of satellite services and associated equipment for the Armed Forces and European missions. The services provided ensure the efficiency and optimisation of the use of satellite communications by forces and missions. For this framework contract, Airbus provides a large catalogue of services in Ku, C, Ka, L bands, with value-add services such as L-TACe, end-to-end managed services, anchoring and encryption services.

ASTEL-S4 is an inter-ministerial framework agreement offering commercial satellite services and solutions. It covers the satellite communications needs of the French Ministry of Defence and several French government entities around the world. Through this agreement, Airbus has been contributing to the provision of secure communications to numerous civil and military players for more than 10 years, with continuous 24/7 assistance, a large catalog of services and terminals, as well as on-site training.

At Airbus, we understand and embrace the new technologies arriving on the Commercial market, but we also aim to drive the interoperability of these systems to provide a seamless service to our customer.

Our understanding of new technologies continues to grow as we drive interoperability between systems, ensuring you are getting the most out of your SatCom services. What is key is that there is no ‘one fit for all’ approach when it comes to satellite communications, which is why we use a combination of services and solutions whether Military or Commercial Satellite Communications, in GEO, MEO and LEO orbits, to ensure you have the level of connectivity you need, when you need it.

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